Already Failed

Sometimes you need to think short-term for long-term goals and that is exactly why I wanted to incorporate weekly challenges where I take upon a different challenge each week chosen by you. These challenges allow me to get a step closer to being the best possible version of myself. This week about 55% of participants on the Insta Story poll chose that I sleep 7+ hours everyday and I wanted to update you on where I am at in this process.

The photo above is a snapshot of the data my Fitbit collected and lets just say this week was kinda hell and I am glad it’s over. With 6hrs and 13 min being the average, I am not proud of how this first challenge turned out and honestly was hesitant to even show you all, but this is where the change happens. In addition to the tracking of hours slept, I documented how I felt after I woke up that day. I wanted to include the past history of my sleep patterns but unfortunately my Fitbit account got hacked and I had to create a new account. Not sure why it was hacked but if I had to guess, they probably were jealous of all my badges lol (sorry ;-)).

My day-to-day routine differs each week on the basis of how much my work load is and what my job schedule is like. To understand why my results were the way they were, I will briefly discuss how my week went.

10/6-10/7: Sunday Night

There was actually not a much of a reason that I couldn’t get 7+ hours of sleep Sunday night besides the fact my brain decided to think about literally anything and everything.

Morning report: I took a while to fall asleep. My brain was really hyperactive and I kept tossing and turning. Worried I wasn’t going to fall asleep. When I woke up, I did not feel rested but rather exhausted.

10/7-10/8: Monday Night 

I had classes till 1 that day and then met up with group to get some work done a for a project. After that I was working on some Hw which took roughly 5 hours to complete (I know, ridiculous).

Morning report: Sill took some time to fall asleep but not as long as the yesterday. Woke up feeling rested but could probably go for a couple more hours.

10/8-10/9: Tuesday Night

I had class at 8am-11 am and then I went to work all the way till 7. After wards I had to finish up writing my paper and the study for a test I had the next day in the morning.

Morning report: I had a test in the morning so I didn’t have a choice but to get up and just go. Didn’t really pay attention on how I was feeling.

10/9-10/10: Wednesday Night

On Wednesday I had class till 1 then I went to work till 7. I normally am off around 5 every Tuesday-Friday, but due to Fall Break, I needed to find a way to work 20 hours in a shorter period of time. When my shift was over I had another paper to write along with one of those long, dreadful Hw assignments for my corporate class. Everything was complete around 10:30ish, but I spent some time with my mom and sister because I hardly ever see them, or like anyone.

Morning report: It was actually physically very challenging getting up. I woke up at 6:45 which I normally wake up an hour earlier than that. I pushed really hard and managed to leave the house but still was very tired.

Overall this week was one of those tough ones and just so happens to fall under this challenge. I think it is nice way to visualize how your body copes under stress and what factor may contribute to it. I definitely feel when I am under a lot of stress it takes longer to fall asleep and I am less likely to feel well rested when I wake up.


Please come back Sunday as we bring this challenge to an end. I want to share some interesting facts about sleep and the importance of it. I hope to do this challenge again at the end of the month to see if any improvement was made. Oh and tomorrow, I will be posting a bonus blog about my overnight oats. It’s going to be great! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this. I appreciate it.

Sincerely Hassinah ♥️