a bit more realistic 📱

This week was a redo challenge that I did last week. You can read about about here.

Since the challenge didn’t go as planned, I wanted to try again this week. I manage to decrease the daily average to about a little less than 6 hours which is a plus. I plan on to continue monitoring my screen time and will keep you guys updated.

If you look closely, you can see this week on Monday I hardly used my phone. This was solely because I had no time to even look at the thing. We had pretty huge presentation due the next day so we were practically glued to our laptops and were working on it for a straight 8 hour after class. The next several days I had some more free time than usual which I used to my advantage to catch up on some youtube vids and my audio book. I also noticed that when using Spotify or the podcast app, it does not count that entire time as screen time which unfortunately means I have no excuse as to why I still exceeded my phone usage time. After doing this challenge I was more aware of how often I reached for my phone and feel like I wasted time more than I thought.


Honestly if I was not consumed in my work on Monday, the daily average would not have changed at much from the previous week.

I have received several suggestions about what type of content you all want to see in the near future and will start planing new and improved content when finals are over.

Excited for what’s to come and thank you so much for sticking with me along the way. Thanks for stoping by and I hope to see you next time!

Sincerely Hassinah ♥️

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