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Here’s to a week in my life. Daily journaling did not happen this week but will began Nov.4-Nov.9. I plan on writing in my journal on Sunday and posting about it on Monday and so on. This week was all over the place and had no energy to post every night. I recently posted my very much overdue water challenge recap yesterday. You can read about it here. It’s nothing too ground breaking but interesting to see how dependent our bodies are on water. I also mentioned an article that you can read further into about it. For this week’s post I decided to do an overall weekly recap and then later on upload a recipe on one of my favorite breakfasts. I will put a poll up to see if you guys want to see how I make my overnight oats or banana pancakes.



Today was a pretty chill day. I didn’t have work so I just went to school and then came home and worked on some assignments and cleaned up my place a bit. And to be completely honest, I kind of forgot what else I did because there were no pictures I took that day lol.


Today was ROUGH. The morning was pretty chill  but work kept me pretty busy and then I had to come back to school for a meeting.  The meeting went pretty great and then afterwards, I studied for my exam. For lunch I made a really yummy salad with the juiciest chicken I cooked the night before. It kept me full the entire day so that was pretty great.

 Not sure why my carrots look kinda crusty, but they were great and crunchy. Also, I really like this probiotic Sriracha. I purchased it from sprouts (aka one of my favorite grocery stores ever).

Me and my sisters were texting back and forth and I randomly came to a realization that I might be in love with the flat white latte from SB, so I decided to write that in chat and explaining how I should be rewarded for breathing ( it was a joke lol). Anyways I came home to an envelope with my name on it on my mirror (below). Haha, I always send random messages assuming no one really reads that much into it, so when I saw this I laughed so much.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate my amazing sisters haha. Honestly, not sure where i'd be without them. If you are reading this, love you Yasmin haha!

On this day I was running on a little more than 2 hours of sleep (as you can see below). I can’t remember the last time this happened but I definitely want to prevent this from reoccurring in the future. I wasn’t too upset because I’m pretty confident I aced my test that I was studying for and was able to get some sleep in later that night. After my classes I went to work. Later that night I had dinner with 2 of my really great friends, Nimo(left) and Andrijana(right), from high school. I had such a great time and was able to forget about everything for a little bit and catch up on all of our busy lives. Afterwards, I went home and went for a quick run outside because the weather was really nice.


Can't believe its been so long since we all hanged out, but I am so grateful to have this moment. It really made the rest of my week pretty great. We also had one of our favorite foods, Indian, and it was extremely delicious! We went to Taj,which I definitely recommend.


Happy Halloween, haha! I’m not sure what it is but Halloween is so fun. I never really celebrated it by dressing up or trick-or-treating but just the festivities and a reason to eat candy is so exciting haha. Also a huge fan of having an excuse to hang out with people and watching scary movies. It was a pretty chill day though, no scary movie but still ate some candy. I went to school in the morning and then had work afterwards. I finished a bit early than usual and came home and chilled with my sisters.


My 8am was cancelled so it gave me a pretty great opportunity to sleep in. Oh how this really changed my mood the entire day haha. I was schedule to work from school that day but I decided to skip my classes and just stay at home and work. I finished around 1 and then went out with Nimo to run some errands and grab lunch. We ended up eating Taco Bell, which I love and then she left for work. I ended up going to spin class later that day which was pretty amazing. Andrijana was leaving Saturday so she came for a bit and we had some tea. Afterwards I posted on my blog and went to bed.


My week was actually not the busiest but I did have little to no sleep which made it hard to function normally. Seeing my friends really made my heart happy and made the rest of my week pretty great. I am so grateful to have such amazing people in my life and hope one day to be able to do more for them. I am also thankful for you a for taking the time out of your day to read this.

Thanks for stoping by and hope to see you next time!

Sincerely Hassinah ♥️

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