An end or a new beginning?

This challenge was pretty interesting because although it wasn’t as difficult as I thought, it was really challenging at times. It made me wonder if  the difference would be more noticeable or even if my sugar cravings would weaken. I wonder if this could last a bit longer before I crack. What I enjoyed the most about this challenge  is finding meals that I like and are easy to make along with being healthy.

Day 4: Wow, I can’t believe I made with this far with out a lick of Nutella haha. I normally don;t crave Nutella but my sister bought some and made fresh Nutella croissants. Ya I was pretty sad lol. For breakfast I had my usual overnight oats which I promised to post soon, so look forward to it! For lunch I had some rice, veggies with scallop, and kimchi. It was good but honestly wouldn’t make again and don’t think I want to eat the leftover haha. I don’t know if it’s just me but the scallops are like way fishy for my preference and can be over powering when not cooked properly with the right seasonings. For dinner I wanted baked chicken with honey but we ran out of thawed chicken legs so I just ate the rest of the stuffed bell peppers.

The kimchi and rice were great but the vegetables just wasn’t  my fave.

Day 5: I had breakfast around 1:30 when I got to work because I was swamped with tons to do. I just had my overnight oats which were of course delish but I don’t think I made enough considering I was still pretty hungry afterwards haha. I came home around 5 and three delicious baked chicken legs with honey. Because I couldn’t have it yesterday I sort of went overboard lol. I snacked on some grapes through out the night and called it a day.

AHHH I love chicken and honey (not pictured) lol!

Day 6: I woke up pretty early considering I came home last night around 1 from partying. Lol just kidding we watched a Bollywood movie which of course takes hours when they could’ve clearly cut out many scenes ahah (i have pretty passionate film reviews). Anyways I cleaned my kitchen which took a couple hours then I decided to treat myself with some delicious bananas pancakes I made earlier that week. Trying to perfect my recipe so I can share. For dinner my brother made some steak tacos and WOW they were much better than I imagined. When he was making them he brought them to me and my sister all garnished, it was really cute haha.

Ya, so glad I made these. Can’t wait to share!

He garnished it with cilantro and placed some some pickled veggies and a slice of lime on the side. Super yummy!

Day 7: WOOHOO lol! Last day of this challenge and honestly I think could  last an entire month. I guess we will see how far I go and maybe I can update you. This morning I just had the rest of my pancakes from yesterday because I couldn’t finish it and then I just had dinner around 6. I had the same delicious steak tacos that my brother made again. Gosh they were actually so yummy and definitely plan on making it more haha. Honestly I really miss cooking. Hopefully when I get the chance to actually cook, I can share my favorite recipes with you 🙂

Because of this challenge, I wanted to try this  28 day reset challenge. Starting from the 21st of this month, I plan on placing my body on “reset” mode and want to document any changes physically and mentally. This isn’t really a part of the weekly challenges but something I wanted to try.  My plan is to document everything in a journal  which I will share on a weekly basis. If his is something that interests you, let me know. I feel like monthly results are a bit more exciting so follow along and see what happens. I have faith in myself but dang do I love ice cream haha.

For more information on the 28 day reset, you can click here.

Thanks for stoping by and hope to see you next time!

Sincerely Hassinah ♥️

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