Daily Journaling: 11/4/19

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So I overslept. Honestly it has been a pretty long time since I way overslept and missed a class that it was bound to happen. I wasn’t worried because everything is online plus I was able to make an actual breakfast that was quite tasty haha.


In my omelet I have spinach, mushrooms, and eggs topped with Sriracha sauce. Super simple but extremely delicious.

I still ended up going to school for the rest of my classes then I met with one of my groups to start our project. Afterwards I went to this shoe store called Fleet Feet so I can purchase some running shoes. My running journey has been on and off due to some minor injuries. I was advised to purchase shoes with more support to make my runs are more enjoyable and less strenuous on my joints. I initially went to the store just to get my foot sized because that’s literally the worst part of shoe shopping but the employee was really kind and patient with my indecisive self, so I decided to just buy them there. The issue was even after the sizing I still feel like it isn’t quite right. Kind of sucks that I have to go back but hopefully I can find the right ones.


For lunch I had chipotle and then I went home and went for a run. The weather was nice but the later it got the colder it had become. After my run I made some dinner and then finished the day with some work and organizing posts for this blog. This blog is extremely time consuming but surprisingly I look forward to it. I hope to continue even after the class is completed with more exciting content as I slowly get the hang of it all.

This wraps up day two. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next time!

Sincerely Hassinah ♥️

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