setting up myself for failure

Wow, these weeks really just get harder.

This past week was crunch time. I have 3 presentations and papers due this week and they have nothing but consumed me. I try really hard to organize my time where I won’t become overwhelmed when the due date is near but somehow things don’t always go as planned. If I learned one thing in college, it is that no matter how prepared you try to be, chances are you’ll still never feel ready. Thankfully I have had enough experiences to understand that you just have to push through and everything will be OK!

If you had the chance to read my email I sent out last Sunday, you would have seen that the challenge chosen for the week was to cut my phone usage down to 3 hours compared to the 6 hours and 43 minutes average of the previous week. When creating this challenge, there was no specific guidelines as to what I should limit and what I was trying to achieve by doing this. Because of this, I ultimately had set up myself to fail.

Last week: I like to have something on when I am doing work, so Netflix took up a lot of the time. I wanted to see if you I could try to limit that or take it out completely. 

This week: The difference you can see here is that I spent way less time on Netflix since last week and limited my youtube usage to only 1 hour a day.


The week just went by like it normally does and I used my phone way more than I needed/intended to.  I have been receiving some suggestions from you all about how I should have changed the challenge up a bit which is why I wanted to try again this week.

I have attempted to create social media timers to limit my usage which has surprisingly worked, but  I would like to get into full gear this week. I may also include another challenge requested by a few since this is the last week of the campaign.  I will keep you all updated.

Thanks for stoping by and I hope to see you next time!

Sincerely Hassinah ♥️

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