Woah, It’s finally happening!

Welcome to my first blog post! In this post I want to dive right into the introduction of this blog as we prepare for the official content that will be uploaded next week.

What’s it about?

Sincerely Hassinah is a lifestyle blog created in an informal format that will practically act like my journal. This blog is intended to inspire and motivate others to do more with their lives and most importantly, HAVE FUN. Life is way too short to push through it and forget about what really matters, you. Some of my interests include grocery shopping, hiking, working out, cooking, and just basic stuff (haha), but I also am a full time student that works and enjoys being as active as possible in anything and everything.

What to expect?

The future blog posts will be styled like journal entries where I focus on current events that are happening in my life and ways I handle my day-to-day activities. This is a lifestyle blog that will sort of document different parts of my life, i.e school,work, and other routines.  I also want to incorporate weekly challenges to spice things up a bit. These challenges range from easy to difficult, easy being talking daily walks while difficult ones consist of altering my daily routines. Although I my blogs will be covering a lot, I wanted to create some Vlog style video to connect with my readers more and make the content more exciting. I know this is will take some time getting everything to flow smoothly, but nonetheless it will all make sense once we get started. Because everything is still in the making there will not be a challenge this week but definitely get excited for the one next week that will be chosen by you.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Thanks so much,

Sincerely Hassinah

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